Certificate Courses in Dentistry in India

If you have completed your dentist education and are looking for a great career as a dentist then certificates, courses in Dentistry in India can help you gain new heights with enhanced qualifications that will make you successful. With these certificate courses, you can get the clinical experience with hands-on training in dentistry and will gain experience beforehand. These certificate courses provide you with specializations that will infuse adequate knowledge in you and will enhance your sureness to move ahead. Several pass-outs from colleges are not able to get established as a successful dentist right after the degree, but with the help of certificate courses, you can achieve great solutions with more exposure to practicality.

These private courses enable you to gain excellent skills to face the challenges in future. You will be up to date with the latest advancements in the industry and will cope up with the trends in the dentist industry. Dental courses in Delhi by Delhi Dental academy sharpen your overall skills as a dentist and give you an advantage over other BDA pass-outs. Here are few certificate courses after BDS, which will enhance your profile:

  • Dental hygienist course in Delhi: A 2-year certificate course is your ticket to becoming a licensed professional as a dental hygienist. The dental hygienist course provides the students with comprehensive knowledge and understanding to work in the industry under a Dental surgeon.
  • Aesthetic dentistry course: The course teaches you cosmetic dentistry that trains you in the field with hands-on experience based on modern practices. You will learn about modern cosmetic dentistry systems and principles and will gain amazing skills.
  • Course in Basic Implantology: The course is all about the latest procedures of oral implants in patients and their restoration and at the end of the course you will get a certificate on Implantology.
  • Laser dentistry: With an extensive usage of laser in the field of dentistry, it is a significant course that is very popular with all the BDS students and helps them get great career later on.
  • Dental Mechanic: This course provides you knowledge of diagnosing the problems in patients and designing their dental structures with ease. After achieving the certificate you can assist the dental surgeons and will be an expert in dental ceramics.

These short-term courses in Dentistry can help you to a great extent in achieving a great career in your later life with specializations and knowledge of latest technology. Now you can enhance your future by stepping forward and taking up Dental certificate courses in Delhi.

Diploma Courses in Endodontic Dentistry

So, you have completed your BDS, but what now? This is the question many of today’s young graduates are all confused about. BDS College is not sufficient to get the clinical exposure that is required to become a professional clinical dentist. You not only lack the adequate knowledge but also the confidence to move forward.

Many of the BDS graduates can relate to this scenario of finding it difficult to create a successful career after passing BDS. The dental college was all about finishing the assignments and the internship only get you to see a professional performing the surgeries. Unless you do it yourself, you haven’t achieved much. So, what’s the solution here?

The private diploma courses after BDS that enhances your skills as a dental student is the best option. These diploma courses are of shorter periods that sharpen your competitiveness in today’s changing and challenging the dental industry.

Let’s take a look at these certificate courses after BDS in India:

  1. Dental Hygienist Course – This certificate course is of about 2 years duration that allows a hygienist to become licensed by taking a licensure examination and work in a dental office. The admission requirements of this course depend upon the school from where you are pursuing it.The aim of Dental Hygienist course is to help the students in understanding and further gain knowledge to work as a leading assistant. The assistant that performs oral prophylaxis, give appropriate instructions of oral hygiene along with doing preventive dentistry. However, the candidate here works under the direct supervision of a Dental Surgeon.

  2. Certificate course in Aesthetic Dentistry – This course is all about acquiring the knowledge and skills in reference to the growing art of cosmetic dentistry. The focus here is on a wide range of treatment methods of modern cosmetic. You not only get to learn about contemporary practices but also on evidence-based systems and principles for the best results.
    An on-the-job training method under the supervision of clinicians and practical treatment of complex cases – approach is taken here.

  3. Certificate course in Basic Implantology – The certificate course in basic implantology offers the basic as well as advanced procedures of oral implantology. Here, the candidate places implants on patients and restores the same to become certified.

  4. Certificate course in Laser Dentistry – Laser technology has brought revolution in various fields of medicine along with dentistry. This is also, no doubt one of the most sought after diploma courses nowadays.
    The diploma course in laser dentistry teaches you about the fundamentals of laser physics that help you in using it effectively in practice. Also, you get to learn the application of hard tissue laser and soft tissue lasers in clinical dental practice.

  5. Certificate course in Dental Mechanic – This certificate course is not only demanding but also a remunerative one. In this course, you diagnose the dental problems of the patient, design the dental structures and make the patients more knowledgeable about their dental health.
    After the completion of this course, a dental mechanic can assist dental surgeons in dental surgeries. The main focus here is on making dental ceramics and developing better dental care facilities in a clinic.

So, these are a few certificate courses that you can go for after BDS. Dental Courses in Delhi offers Diploma in Endodontic Dentistry. So, make a smart choice and take the right step towards a successful career in Endodontic dentistry!

How to Become a Dental Hygienist?

A dental hygienist is nothing short of an oral health care professional who works directly with a myriad of patients. Although they work under the supervision of a licensed dentist, they have the necessary know-how of oral healthcare and along with instructing patients on oral hygiene, they also have the expertise to conduct oral inspection, patient assessment, and teeth cleaning.

Before you begin with this educational journey to become a dental hygienist, you must understand what you seek in this profession; from salary to work-life balance to long-term goals.

Career Requirements

A dental hygienist working in a general or specialty dental clinic, nursing home or a hospital requires an associate degree in dental hygiene. Such associate programs typically take anywhere between two to three years to complete.

Alternatively, if you seek to advance your career, you could opt for a bachelor’s degree. It could take you well beyond a dentist’s office and open doors to private practice and clinical research.

Such degree programs are focused on dental tools and equipment, dental softwares, and include courses like oral pathology, radiology, periodontics, pharmacology, dental equipment and material, community dental health, pain management and infection control.

A career as a dental hygienist requires strong interpersonal skills, higher than average reasoning abilities and elementary medical knowledge. Some of the other attributes vital for a career in dental hygiene are stamina, patience, compassion, concentration, and dexterity.

You are also required to use good body mechanics for you’d be at a high risk of occupational injuries owing to awkward positions and long working hours.

Mentioned below are chief steps to become a dental hygienist:

1. An associate degree or any of its equivalent: It’s imperative to possess an associate degree or a diploma certificate which are typically available at dental institutes, dental diploma centers, vocational colleges and now, online as well. If aspiring to move any further, you could move to bachelor’s degree as well.

2. Licensing: Competent educational qualification is only the first step towards becoming a dental hygienist. Anyone looking to practice must be licensed. You need to opt for the screening test administered by the chief dental association. In India, it’s Dental Council of India.

3. Advanced training: In the field of dentistry, one needs to keep up with whatsoever additional knowledge available. While associate degrees and licensing is enough to become a dental hygienist, earning additional degrees would help you advance your career and keep you at the forefront of knowledge.