Is Stem Cell Regeneration the Future of Dentistry?

future of dentistry, stem cell regeneration
In the last few years, dentistry has embossed its existence by taking giant leaps in the research work. Particularly considering what is about to come into practice that is one of the most valuable research in regenerative dentistry, it is a very remarkable achievement. Years ago it was stated that the stem cells can grow rapidly and has the potential to form dentin, bone and neuronal cells. Now, after a long time of ongoing research, it looks probable that sooner we will have stem cells bas...

Why Become An Endodontists

endodontists courses, carrier in endodontist
Endodontists are specialist in the field of dentistry who primarily deal with the treatment of dental pulp. They are well known specialist in performing root canal treatment and diagnosing and treating tooth pain. Due to their additional training, they are offered referred or consulted to diagnose tooth pain and also to perform root canal procedure and other treatments concerning the interior of a tooth. This gives them quite an edge over other dentists and they being specialist can provide you ...