Theoretical and Practical Course in Fixed Prosthetics in Delhi

Many students take up Biology subjects as the mainstream subject to pursue courses related to medical field. Various courses like BDS, MBBS, and B.Pharma are the chief medical courses opted by students. After having an approved degree in dentistry practice, they can be designated as a dentist in future. The Delhi dental academy is highly in demand.

Dr. Bhutani Dental courses are the popular giving an opportunity to students to explore and learn latest about dentistry. Through varied short-term dental courses in Delhi, they help students gain insights into various areas. This is a great advantage to students who are keen in learning further related to dentistry. There are plenty of offers through varied institutes to pursue diploma courses after BDS in India and they should make sure to take up courses from the reliable institutions that provide quality education to them.

Talking about Dr.Bhutani institute, it incorporates expertise guides and teachers that also have best hands-on training. They help students to learn practically through advanced equipment and technology available in the clinic. The short-term course in Dr. Bhutani dentistry institute covers the following:

  • Complete aesthetic and restorative course offering training in all types of tooth restoration, bleaching procedures, smile designing, and guidance for shade selection plus tooth jewelry.
  • It also gives a teaching on extensive endodontics with surgical practice, implants, laser dentistry, rotary endodontics, removable prosthodontics and fixed prosthetics.
  • All of these sessions are carefully trained to students making them perfect in theory as well as practical.


  • After learning about so varied areas, students get a perfect idea on how to move ahead with their career. They are more confident in trying various sections of dentistry.
  • It opens up an extensive scope for them and they have more knowledge in a detailed manner now.
  • A continuous support and advice are provided to the students from the talented pool of staff in the institution. Their empathy, motivation, and support shall make students bolder to take their own decisions.
  • Students are perfect in carrying out various operations required for customers such as rebasing, temporization procedure, retreatment, cementation, relining and implant placement, radiographic procedure, etc. Dr. Bhutani institute makes them perfect in conducting all these procedures.
  • We offer customized courses which focuses more on practical demonstration on patients helping each student to develop required skills for lifelong learning.
  • Our imparted lessons are the well-equipped lab with the latest and contemporary equipment providing the perfect set up to learn and sharpen skills.
  • All students are guided by senior specialists from our faculty, headed by professors and dentists having years of experience in the industry.
  • Becoming A Prosthodontist – What to Expect – II

    Educational Track

    The educational tracks are different in India compared to dental studies in USA or UK. In India, one must complete his/her masters or post-graduation in Prosthodontics. But for MDS, one must complete BDS.

    BDS is a 5-year program: 4 years of studying and 1-year compulsory internship. One has to be eligible for entrance test as per the directives were given by the Dental Council of India (DCI). After that, the candidate needs to qualify an entrance examination conducted by state universities, private universities or The All India Pre-Medical/Dental Entrance Examination.

    Following this would be the selection procedure.

    MDS is a 3-year post-graduate program. There are many private, state & government-run institutions that offer the course like AIIMS and RGUHS. The standard requirements for selection are as follows:

    1. Students would be admitted based on competitive exams conducted by state/central/private institutions.
    2. For admission into a specific college, the candidate must possess a BDS degree issued by the university and recognized by the DCI.
    3. If not, then the candidate shall secure the prior approval of his/her qualifications by the DCI prior to admission.
    4. The candidate should have the certificate of internship.

    After completing MDS in the field, the given certificate regards him/her as a Prosthodontist.

    Job Prospects

    Prosthodontists could find jobs easily as there is a huge demand of this profession. They earn a healthy salary according to the stats given by IDA & DCI. Sufficiency can’t be counted as it depends on the individual’s needs. A less experienced dentist would earn somewhere between 4-6 lakh per annum. An experienced Prosthodontist would earn a bit higher as various remunerations like rents & bills might be allowed. But pay rates always vary according to experience and sector.