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While getting a Bachelor’s Degree is critical for practicing dentistry, it is not sufficient nowadays. As the technologies change along with the lifestyles, it becomes very important to keep abreast. After getting the degree there is a need to pursue the specialization. Hands-on training is a must so that you become ready for real life situations and are ultimately ready to run your own clinic. Some Dental Courses In India and a few Dental Clinical Courses In Delhi equip you to acquire sufficient knowledge and skills and impart real-life experience so that you gain the capacity to establish yourself independently. Enroll for Dental Professional Courses with Dr. Bhutani Dental Courses to gain such experience. It provides students with continuing education tailored to specialized needs. This is because, here, you can acquire cutting-edge, unique education that will build your capability too.

Dr. Bhutani Dental Courses

We offer diverse Dental Training Courses In Delhi in various dental specialties that not only upgrades knowledge but enhances the skillsets. Aimed at enhancing the quality of dental professionals, we employ state of the art technologies and dental equipment in order to impart world-class skills and expertise. The diploma courses are divided into

a) Short-term (1-2 weeks),
b) Long-term (3 months) and
c) Weekend courses according to the convenience and time limitations.

Clinical training is part of all the courses and implant and lives surgery courses under the watchful eyes of senior professionals are given to win over any inner fears. Various practical procedures are embedded that make perform real patient demonstrations so that you develop skills as well as techniques along with the vital confidence. The Dental Training Courses in Delhi or Short Dental Courses in Delhi are especially unique as they train on trending technologies on latest world-class equipment and are Diploma Courses After BDS.


a) Long Term Courses
Dentistry as a profession needs an experienced mentor/ teacher along with clinical setting where students not only get the necessary knowledge and expertise but practical knowledge of where they can go wrong. These Diploma Courses can be done after BDS and imparts real-life training on real patients in a full dental clinic latest equipment and procedures. Each member of the experienced faculty is an expert in the field and guides through each difficult procedure.

b) Short Term Courses
Numerous short-term dental courses are offered for quickly imbibing the latest trends in dental sciences. For example, Complete Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry Course are offered as cosmetic dentistry becomes increasingly important. Students can learn skills such as tooth restoration, bleaching procedures, smile designing, etc to fulfill its great demand nowadays.

c) Weekend Courses
These focus on hands-on training session on real patients. This is performed under the supervision and supported by intensive lectures, discussions, and videos. The sessions will in a short amount of time provide detail knowledge through. Students thus quickly grasp the concepts and the practical knowledge.

Can Botox Improve Appearance of Facial Scars? Find Out During Botox Training.

Botulinum toxin or Botox is the #1 cosmetic process that does not involve surgery. Patients who wish to get rid of wrinkles and scars and to look younger will opt for Botox procedures. Consequently, administration of Botox injections has become a lucrative business. More and more doctors are opting for Botox Courses in Delhi.

What Does Dr. Bhutani’s Botox Course Involve

The Botox course at Dr.Bhutani’s Dental Clinic is designed for those who have already passed the Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) course. Hence, the students of this course are already medical professionals. They know the basics of facial anatomy and different types of facial structures.

So the course deals directly with the correct method of administrating Botox (type A) and what the appropriate dosages are. The facial regions that are covered in the course are:

  • Lateral Rhytids or crow’s feet,
  • Eyebrow shaping,
  • Glabellar region,
  • Bunny lips,
  • Removal of scars,
  • Frontalis forehead region,
  • Shaping lips,
  • Changing the smile,
  • Hyperhidrosis or excessive perspiration, etc.
    • The Botox and Dermal Filler Courses at Dr.Bhutani’s clinic give you live experience so that you can administer Botox treatments independently. You will learn about the different toxins, what should be the dilution, how it spreads and how long the effect lasts.

      Advantages Of Doing a Botox Course

      The cost of doing a Botox is very little compared to the returns on investment. These are some of the major advantages of doing Botox course at Dr. Bhutani’s Clinic:

      The demand for this procedure is very high. Not only is Botox treatment used by older patients to look younger, but youth are also opting for Botox procedures as a preventive. So the expected earnings are very high.

      As a practicing doctor or dentist, you can provide more services if you enroll in the Botox course, which is one of the most popular Facial Aesthetic Courses.

      Although it is not a surgical procedure, Botox treatment is expensive. The least a trained doctor will earn is Rs.15000 to 20000 per session. As there is such a high demand, the monthly earnings will be very high.

      Once a patient has undergone Botox treatment, the person will be compelled to repeat the procedure after about 6 months. That is as long as the effect lasts. This means that every patient promises to be a recurring income for your clinic.

      The Botulinum toxin treatment is approved by the Food & Drug Administration of India. Hence, the use of the toxin is not prohibited. Since the procedure improves the aesthetics of the face, Dr. Bhutani’s Botox Course is one of the best Private diploma courses after BDS. Enroll now and soon you will be a millionaire!

    Rotary Endodontic Courses by Delhi Dental Academy

    Have you done your B.D.S? Are you thinking about what to do next? Are you contemplating about your experience part? Are you worried about your future prospects? Fret not; Dr. Bhutani’s dental courses will help you sail right through these issues with flying colors. It regularly tops the top Delhi Dental Academy’s list. We have a faculty base with more than 15 years of training the best in town.

    We provide the best of hands-on experience in clinical dentistry procedures including all types of endodontics courses in Delhi. We all are well aware that a cavity can go on to the extent of the extraction. But, most of the times it can well be treated with a root canal. The initial part of the course is to analyze and diagnose these cases. We provide specialist rotary endodontic procedure hands-on experience to our students. This procedure is now preferred over the regular endodontist treatments as it is a faster, done with better flexible rotary files and fewer chances of complications.

    We mentor our students to correctly gauge the type of rotary system required for the case and work ahead accordingly. Our dental center, unlike other dental courses in Delhi, provides the students with all required state-of-the-art equipment’s utilized in the rotary endodontic course including the endo-motor and endo-handpiece. Let us visit the details of what is taught in the course offered:

    1. Introduction to rotary endodontics.
    2. Analysis and diagnosis of cases requiring this treatment.
    3. Training to understand the desirability of the extent of preparations and procedure as per individual cases.
    4. Pre-operative radiograph to be taken.
    5. How to do straight Line access preparation.
    6. Working length determination for best results.
    7. Confirm smooth glide path to the terminus and work accordingly.
    8. Enlarge coronal two third of the canal as required.
    9. Finishing apical one-third of the canal when done with the earlier steps.
    10. Establish canal patency.
    11. Master cone radiograph to be taken then and there.
    12. Single cone obturation to be performed.

    Rotary endodontics treatments are like giving shape to a masterpiece, in this case a tooth of a living person. Thus, all rotary procedures should be performed keeping the rotary shaping guidelines in view. In the course of a treatment, the surgeon may encounter certain errors like overfill, ledge formations, perforations, etc. to name a few. Our friendly faculty helps you learn to overcome these issues with ease.

    Of all the long-term dental courses in Delhi, this course in particular, is designed to ensure that students are able to master the concepts and techniques of rotary endodontics. The course is taught in a facility equipped with world-class tools and hygiene standards. Dr. Bhutani’s dental course’s faculty also mentors you on your way forward towards your personal practice and clinic. We make your success our satisfaction.