Learn and Gain More from Comprehensive Dental Courses by Dr. Bhutani

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We at Dr. Bhutani’s Dental Course offer comprehensive dental courses to extend dental clinical practice and advanced technology based knowledge of dentistry. We provide several dental courses to develop the quality of the dentists. The aspiring dentist can perform all the essential procedures responsibly, efficiently, safely and independently after the completion of the most famous comprehensive Dental Courses in India provided by us. Our comprehensive dental courses include options for different dental courses such as long term dental courses and weekend dental courses.

Long Term Dental Course

We at Dr. Bhutani Dental Course provide complete hands-on Dental Clinical Courses in Delhi only for BDS and also senior MDS doctors. It helps them to handle real-life dental clinic situations including theoretical knowledge of dentistry. We recommend you to join our combined course to get additional facilities and training.

We support for compressive and practical insights to run a private dental clinic. We offer training on the different aspect of dentistry such as maintenance of instruments, the procedure of sterilization, coordination of laboratories, fulfillment of patient’s expectations, maintenance of records and outstanding private practice.

Our combined course includes the basic training courses of prosthodontics, endodontics and full mouth rehabilitation techniques and skills. The course for an advanced technology based rotatory endodontic helps you to assess your patient’s dental issues and realize the complexities of treatment and diagnosis for dental issues.

We apply advanced rotatory endodontic procedure with Protaper Gold, Protaper Scanner, Hero Shaper and WaveOne considering international standard. We have included advanced technology within a prosthodontics course using TROS3 SHAPE DIGITAL SCANNER to provide treatment for denture, bridges, dental implant and so on. Full mouth rehabilitation course focuses on hygiene and cleanliness for the development of human life.

Weekend Course

We at Dr. Bhutani’s Dental Course are well known for providing Dental Training Courses in Delhi. We offer a facial aesthetic course to focus Botox techniques, facial corrections and fillers. The aspiring dentist has gained great success in the last few years after the completion of the facial aesthetic course. We always try to provide quality aesthetic training to all our aspiring dentists for being up to date with advanced and modern trends.

Dr. Pratima Bhutani and a team of five highly experienced and efficient doctors of facial aesthetic jointly provide a standard facial aesthetic training which includes Botox filler course with the botulinum toxin. We at Dr. Bhutani’s Dental Course are famous Dental Academy in Delhi for the facial aesthetic course which involves Botox fillers. Botox fillers are applied to correct smiles and to treat wrinkles and crow’s feet.

By joining the comprehensive dental course by Dr. Bhutani’s Dental Course in Delhi, build your successful career in dentistry.

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