How to Become a Dental Hygienist?

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A dental hygienist is nothing short of an oral health care professional who works directly with a myriad of patients. Although they work under the supervision of a licensed dentist, they have the necessary know-how of oral healthcare and along with instructing patients on oral hygiene, they also have the expertise to conduct oral inspection, patient assessment, and teeth cleaning. Before you begin with this educational journey to become a dental hygienist, you must understand what you seek in...

How does Rotary Endodontics differ from a Traditional Root Canal Therapy (RCT)

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If you’re one among those who underwent a traditional root canal treatment, there’s a very high probability that you don’t even have the faintest idea regarding the types of tools your dentist used for the treatment. It’s not that you’re the one at fault; most dentists do not prefer to disclose such specific details. And as long as the treatment is effectual, it doesn’t even matter. However, if you were unlucky enough to be treated traditionally using the manual methods, you wouldn’t have ...

Dental Filling Market to Exceed 1.4 billion USD by 2024

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Dental filling is a type of dental procedure used to repair minor to moderate tooth fracture, decay and other damaged surface on the tooth. To even out the surface and enhance the chewing and biting abilities, dental filling materials are used. In 2015, the dental filling market was estimated over 1073 million USD. If the research by Global Market Insights is to be believed, it’s expected to exceed 1.4 billion USD by the end of 2024. The growing occurrences of dental disorders are driving ...

Oral or Maxillofacial Surgery and Its Applications

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Oral and Maxillofacial surgery (OMS) is a branch of dentistry specializing in diagnosing and treating injuries, diseases and defects in the face, jaws, neck, head and soft tissues of mouth, jaws and neck region. It’s an internationally recognized surgical specialty and in most countries, it’s a recognized specialty of dentistry. Whereas, in most of Europe, it’s recognized both as a specialty in dentistry and medicine, and requires a dual degree in both dentistry and medicine. Maxillofacial...

List of Various Diploma Courses after BDS?

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Dentistry is one of the most exciting career choices. As part of their education, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment activities, dentists provide the public with an essential health service. Before applying to a faculty of dentistry, you must determine whether your career choice is suitable for you, what the requirements for education and training are, and what opportunities a dental degree can offer you in addition to practice the general rule. The Dental courses academy profession requires ...