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  • Becoming A Prosthodontist – What to Expect

    March 19, 2016

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    Prosthodontics is a major dental specialty. A prosthodontist specializes in making prosthesis and fake teeth. He/she focuses on restoring damaged and missing teeth with certain custom-made appliances like dentures, veneers, crowns, bridges. He/she is also the one to perform the popular ‘Dental Implant Surgery’.

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    3 Tips To Perform Better In BDS Exams

    March 6, 2016

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    BDS, Bachelor of Dental Surgery is one of the main dental courses in India. A good tip is not to take all the tips you find too seriously. (No, that doesn’t mean that you can close this tab! Let me explain!) There is plenty of advice for students on the internet – take a break every 45/ 40-90/ 40-50 minutes, cramming a couple of days before the exams doesn’t help (Not suggesting you to, but isn’t it what all students do?), and so on.

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    Designing a Dental Clinic

    February 6, 2016

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    Dentistry sure requires skills. One must have the right knowledge of the technicalities as it’s an uncertain profession. But a dentist also requires some amount of designing & accounting skills. Why?

    The answer is simple. If a dentist wants to be self-employed, it means he/she is looking to build his/her own dental clinic. This is where creativity and math come into play. A good dentist is the one who knows the proper settings that qualify dental standards.