Value of Diploma Courses after BDS

If you have just finished your BDS degree and are looking forward to working in big healthcare organizations, then hold steady. That’s because having a Bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery will not bring many rewards to you. In fact this is the case scenario with almost every other degree holder today. There was a time when securing a Bachelor’s degree in any subject or stream meant career insurance. However, that time has passed long ago and now the worth of a degree, no matter masters or bachelor, holds lesser importance unless lustered with a diploma in the same field or subject.

Recently a study accentuated in regard to this fact that how much the value of a 4-year B.Tech degree has degraded. It was further figured that those who obtained a diploma in the same subject got exposed to better employment opportunities. But then a very common question comes to mind of every student as to which diploma course is best suited after attaining a BDS degree and in which college or institute to enroll into?

Well, there are various courses offered for degree holders to multiply their knowledge. Basically, they are of two types: – Diploma from government institutions and from private institutions. Key difference being of the course fees which vary a lot in the private foundations whereas it is relatively cheaper in government establishments.
While “IGNOU” & “Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences” are the two top-most government recognized Dental Courses Institutions in Delhi, there are numerous private organizations to choose from. “Dr. Bhutani Dental Clinic” is one of the longest running dental healthcare centres which offer a variety of programs for individuals ranging from weekend crash courses to short term and long term courses.

    Some of the proposed programs are:-
    Complete Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry Course
    Extensive Endodontics
    Rotatory Endodontics
    Laser Dentistry
    Removable Prosthodontics
    Fixed Prosthetics

Since the foundation follows International standards, the diploma provided is globally recognized which gives the individual an advantage of working in overseas countries. So, if you are willing to give your career a lift after having a BDS degree and gain substantial knowledge about dental health care, Dr. Bhutani Dental Courses is the right place to be in.

3 Factors To Consider While Choosing Dental Clinical Courses In Delhi

Price of The Course: One obvious factor that while choosing a dentist for short term dental courses in Delhi is the cost. Know your budget to start with. Ensure that the dental clinic is well-equipped, latest technologies & best-quality materials are used for procedures, the dentist is reputed, and yet, you don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

It may be beneficial to opt for a dentist who provides tailor-made courses as per one’s requirement, rather than a dental academy that charges a lot because it even covers topics that you are good at. The idea is to improve your working skills and add a qualification, but not at the cost of your financial security.

Teaching Methodology: BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) covers thorough conceptual knowledge and theoretical details. It, however, often provides insufficient practical exposure. The faculty can’t give individual attention to students either. The result is certified dentists who are far from confident of carrying out procedures independently.

Post graduation, your aim should be to get enough practice that enables you to perform procedures (such as root canal and tooth extraction) successfully and smoothly. Select a dentist who trains you to perform independent procedures. The course should be practical-oriented, with plenty of on-the-patient demonstrations.

Course Duration: Dental clinical courses in Delhi vary in duration – from weekend crash courses to long-term ones, with a duration of multiple months. It is advisable not to go forward with a long-term course unless you are sure about it. Also pay attention to whether the classes take place on weekdays or weekends, and their duration. This would ensure that you don’t need to leave your regular studies or job, for the course.

Becoming A Prosthodontist – What to Expect

Prosthodontics is a major dental specialty. A prosthodontist specializes in making prosthesis and fake teeth. He/she focuses on restoring damaged and missing teeth with certain custom-made appliances like dentures, veneers, crowns, bridges. He/she is also the one to perform the popular ‘Dental Implant Surgery’. They could also help in treating facial anatomy abnormalities i.e. head & neck deformities.

Why to Visit a Prosthodontist?

A smile, healthy mouth and creating lost tooth have much value and importance, a Prosthodontist understands that. People respect & expect a great deal from Prosthodontists because of the type of surgeries they perform. Today’s world doesn’t have a shortage of look-conscious patients. It is really beneficial to consult a specialist when you have ‘reasonable doubt’ in your mind.

A general dentist could perform reconstructive work after a month-long course. But it really depends on your choice. Do you prefer a specialist with appropriate skills & knowledge or do you want a general treatment? A Prosthodontist’s experience is necessary during delicate surgeries.

What Prosthodontists Perform

A Prosthodontist performs a number of vital surgeries that are prominent in the profession. They go through a training procedure that gives them precise ways to deal with esthetic procedures. Some major services offered by them are:

  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Replacing lost tooth
  • Special treatment of geriatric patients
  • Dental implant surgeries
  • Complex care management
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Maxillofacial prosthetic features like oral cancer reconstruction
  • Treating children with cleft palate/missing teeth
  • Treating sleep disorders and snoring
  • Complete & removable partial dentures