MDS Specializations/ Specializations In Dentistry

Today, at Dr. Bhutani Dental Courses, we are going to beyond short term dental courses in Delhi. We are going to cover MDS specializations that are available in dental colleges across India.

Oral & Maxillofacial (OMF) Surgery – Abbreviated as OMS, this is the specialization of the diagnosis & treatment of diseases, injuries and defects affecting the oral (Mouth) and maxillofacial (Jaws and face) region. In tumors, the specialization is the neck area. These diseases and conditions include head & neck cancers, tumours in the jaw or mouth, facial trauma, and cleft lip & cleft palate.

This is recognized as a surgical specialty internationally. However, while in countries like India, USA and Canada it is a dental specialty, in our countries like the UK, it is seen as a bridge between both dentistry and medicine, & hence a dual degree is required.

The best dentist in Delhi, Dr. Deepak Bhutani, is an Oral & Maxillofacial Prosthodontist and Implantologist.

Orthodontics – Search ‘Orthodontics’ on Google, and you would get plenty of tooth braces images. Orthodontics is synonymous with dental braces. The first ever created dental specialty, it deals with the diagnosis & correction of teeth and jaws that are improperly positioned. Hence, an orthodontist is a dentist who has undergone training in this field after graduation in dentistry. Orthodontics is also known as orthodontia.

Orthodontists provide treatment if you have an overbite (Upper front teeth protrude over the lower teeth.), underbite (Lower front teeth protrude over the upper teeth.), spacing problems (Simply speaking, gap between teeth.) and so on.

3 Factors To Consider While Choosing Dental Clinical Courses In Delhi

Price of The Course: One obvious factor that while choosing a dentist for short term dental courses in Delhi is the cost. Know your budget to start with. Ensure that the dental clinic is well-equipped, latest technologies & best-quality materials are used for procedures, the dentist is reputed, and yet, you don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

It may be beneficial to opt for a dentist who provides tailor-made courses as per one’s requirement, rather than a dental academy that charges a lot because it even covers topics that you are good at. The idea is to improve your working skills and add a qualification, but not at the cost of your financial security.

Teaching Methodology: BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) covers thorough conceptual knowledge and theoretical details. It, however, often provides insufficient practical exposure. The faculty can’t give individual attention to students either. The result is certified dentists who are far from confident of carrying out procedures independently.

Post graduation, your aim should be to get enough practice that enables you to perform procedures (such as root canal and tooth extraction) successfully and smoothly. Select a dentist who trains you to perform independent procedures. The course should be practical-oriented, with plenty of on-the-patient demonstrations.

Course Duration: Dental clinical courses in Delhi vary in duration – from weekend crash courses to long-term ones, with a duration of multiple months. It is advisable not to go forward with a long-term course unless you are sure about it. Also pay attention to whether the classes take place on weekdays or weekends, and their duration. This would ensure that you don’t need to leave your regular studies or job, for the course.

3 Tips To Perform Better In BDS Exams

BDS, Bachelor of Dental Surgery is one of the main dental courses in India. A good tip is not to take all the tips you find too seriously (No, that doesn’t mean that you can close this tab! Let me explain!).

There is plenty of advice for students on the internet – take a break every 45/ 40-90/ 40-50 minutes, cramming a couple of days before the exams don’t help (Not suggesting you to, but isn’t it what all students do?), and so on. You need to figure out what works for you.

Example: Whether you decide to revise till late in the night, or wake up early in the morning to do so when the exam is the next/same day depends on whether you are an owl or a lark.

Do use old examination papers (Question papers) to discover significant questions. A number of questions repeatedly appear over the years. Old question papers also throw light on important areas other questions may be asked from.

Try to keep your life sorted during exams – stress-inducing heartbreaks, arguments/ conflicts with loved ones, etc. are unbelievably distracting. During exams, try to be in a relaxed state of mind (Meditate if needed.) and approach studying with pure concentration. If you have a gymming habit, it would help, since exercise helps relieve stress.

For more tips for BDS students, read this article by our writer.