MDS Specializations/ Specializations In Dentistry

Today, at Dr. Bhutani Dental Courses, we are going to beyond short term dental courses in Delhi. We are going to cover MDS specializations that are available in dental colleges across India.

Oral & Maxillofacial (OMF) Surgery – Abbreviated as OMS, this is the specialization of the diagnosis & treatment of diseases, injuries and defects affecting the oral (Mouth) and maxillofacial (Jaws and face) region. In tumors, the specialization is the neck area. These diseases and conditions include head & neck cancers, tumours in the jaw or mouth, facial trauma, and cleft lip & cleft palate.

This is recognized as a surgical specialty internationally. However, while in countries like India, USA and Canada it is a dental specialty, in our countries like the UK, it is seen as a bridge between both dentistry and medicine, & hence a dual degree is required.

The best dentist in Delhi, Dr. Deepak Bhutani, is an Oral & Maxillofacial Prosthodontist and Implantologist.

Orthodontics – Search ‘Orthodontics’ on Google, and you would get plenty of tooth braces images. Orthodontics is synonymous with dental braces. The first ever created dental specialty, it deals with the diagnosis & correction of teeth and jaws that are improperly positioned. Hence, an orthodontist is a dentist who has undergone training in this field after graduation in dentistry. Orthodontics is also known as orthodontia.

Orthodontists provide treatment if you have an overbite (Upper front teeth protrude over the lower teeth.), underbite (Lower front teeth protrude over the upper teeth.), spacing problems (Simply speaking, gap between teeth.) and so on.