Latest Technological Advances in Dentistry

Advancements in any technology offer better solutions for traditional problems. Dentistry is no exception. The dental field is constantly evolving to best suit the needs of anticipating customers. Since we, at Dental Courses in Delhi are always on a lookout for latest advancements and emerging technologies, here is our take on the different dentistry technologies that are evolving throughout the globe: 1. Digital X-rays: Besides reducing the exposure to radiation, digital x-rays also allow im...

Removable Prosthodontics – Courses After BDS At Dr. Bhutani Dental Academy

‘Removable Prosthodontics’ are good options for patients who cannot medically or financially afford dental implants. This includes people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, or those taking medications that make the bone healing difficult. For such patients, removable prosthodontics are a good option. The teeth and associated soft tissues are replaced with prosthesis that can be removed, i.e., dentures. Constructing dentures takes skill both on the part of the dentist as well as the technici...