Is Stem Cell Regeneration the Future of Dentistry?

In the last few years, dentistry has embossed its existence by taking giant leaps in the research work. Particularly considering what is about to come into practice that is one of the most valuable research in regenerative dentistry, it is a very remarkable achievement.

Years ago it was stated that the stem cells can grow rapidly and has the potential to form dentin, bone and neuronal cells. Now, after a long time of ongoing research, it looks probable that sooner we will have stem cells based therapies in the profession which will help in treating damaged teeth, regenerating the jaw bone, or even providing better treatment to patients through neuronal cells.

For those uninitiated with Stem Cells, they are the primitive cells which are found in multi-cellular organisms further characterized by self-renewal and the capacity to differentiate into any kind of mature cell. These cells have great potential to regenerate and can be used for replacing or repairing damaged cells.

Also, counting the research work that is in progress, the technique might just change completely the way of treating medical conditions like Cancer or Alzheimer. Stem cells have the capability of successively producing daughter cells having a similar characteristic which is how it helps repair damaged teeth.

Dental procedures such as Prosthodontics, Endodontics have advanced to a great extent since the arrival of Laser treatment. There was a time when people even used to fear undergoing a root canal treatment. Now with Stem Cells regeneration in the pipeline, the medical profession will reach new heights of success.

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