Botox and Filler Training in West Delhi

Botox Training Courses

We offer the most comprehensive Botox courses for doctors, dentists and nurses. Proper training in complete facial aesthetics is the key to developing the skill to perform this exciting treatment for patients.

There is a very short learning curve because most healthcare professionals are already well trained in facial injections.

What you need to learn is competency in understanding the mechanisms of these materials, reviewing the facial expression muscles, indications, risks and benefits of these treatments, hands on medical aesthetics training in placing these materials, and preventing and managing complications.

Botox and filler training in India

With a little guidance and practice, you can be well on your way to perform these facial aesthetic procedures. We focus on areas of facial aesthetics, focusing particularly on wrinkle treatments.

This course will also enlighten the participants on how to build a practice and capitalize on the enormous BOTOX. Attendees will receive a course manual consisting of marketing tools and the necessary supporting forms such as history, consent, and policy procedure.

This training course is designed for medical professionals who want to understand the basics of Botox. (Botulinum Toxin type A). It also includes hands on training with scheduled clients and is packed with valuable and in-depth information, as well as everything you need to know in order to start providing treatments on your own.

Botox has remained the number one non-surgical cosmetic procedure and continues to grow in popularity even in a bad economy. Patients wish to retain their youthful appearance and are deferring more invasive procedures. The course study will go over the most popular injections for Botox, and specifically, include the protocols and dosing presentations (Glabellar region, Frontalis forehead) area; Lateral Rhytids (crow’s feet); Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating/ascellae); other specialty injections, i.e. eyebrow shaping, bunny lines, lips, sad smile).

This workshop is not a demonstration-only course. Attendees will be required to administer Botox on live patients in order to receive their certificate of completion. There are different neurotoxin options that are available in the market. Patients will have their preference on which botulinum toxin they prefer, so it is important for you to fully understand the differences between all of the available toxins, including dilution, spread, and how long they last. Our training program includes all of these key facts.

Botox and filler training rajouri garden

Our Testimonials

  • Gazal Handa

    Fabulously incredible!!!! Dats how I can explain my experience at Dr. Bhutani dental courses. It is a perfect combo of literary academicia combined with the full on hands on experience on patients. I really think it is one of the very rare courses where you are actually given patients on an independent basis. And i guess, that's what counts when it comes to learn dentistry. A big big thanks to Dr. B.R. Chetal, Dr. Pratima Bhutani and Dr. Deepak Bhutani.

  • Sunaina Malik

    Not many of us BDS freshers get the opportunity to work on patients straight after internship. But Dr.Bhutani's clinical course on endodontics and prosthodontics gave me the opportunity to work on patients with the latest technology. It is not about learning on dummies but on patients which gives us the real essence of being a dentist.It was an honor to be guided by Lt.Col.Dr.B.R.Chetal who not only taught me about prosthodontics but every field of dentistry too and also kept advising about how to live a happy healthy life.The environment there was really friendly and warming. A must course for fresher's to enhance their skills. Thank you to all the staff there :)

  • Madhurima Debnshi

    yes.. a great experience... every freshers i must say u all should try this courses... there is a lots of patient .. lots of work to do... so why, i m much more confident now... really thanks to dr. pratima bhutani ... thank u mam for this kind of support.

  • Rupali Upadhyay Khulbe

    Fabulously incredible !! Students are given full hand on experience independently with all latest equipments here, which was is very important in dentistry. Commendable Dr Deepak Bhutani, Dr Pratima Bhutani and Dr Lt col B R Chetal.

  • Meenakshi Bharti

    Best experience, For the endo course, i approched this clinic. Supervised practice in the dental clinic is one of the teaching tools. I am gratified with there knowledge and skills, special thanks to Dr. pratima who encourages & guide me as a mentor ensuring a pleasant ambience & knowedge keeping up to commendable standards of hygiene and putting nervous patients at ease, genuine and always make sincere efforts to provide the knowledge abt de treatmnt, i shall return for any further future query related to my profession.

  • Rida Ecem Alan

    Having travelled 1000s of miles from UK to India for dental course, i visited several dental places for course but i have to say Dr Deepak Bhutani clinic is the only place where you will get genuine teaching from genuine people!! Dr Deepak is the master of specialised prosthodontics with many years of experiences and Dr Pratima Chetal is a very patient, calm and polite individual with many years of experties in specialized endodontics field.Whether you want learn prosthodontics, endodontics or combine, De Bhutani clinic is best place where you will learn to treat patients on your own confidently and on your own pace within very short period of time in very modern practice!!