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Facial Aesthetic Training, Endodontic Courses in Delhi
Facial Aesthetic Training, Endodontic Courses in Delhi

Our Testimonials

  • Dr. Janvi Chopra

    Well organized courses dental clinic with experts dentist. Supportive faculty and associate staff dr dhutani & pratima mam also very good.

    Dr. Janvi Chopra

  • Dr. Juhi Sharma

    Dr. Bhutani provided a great course on dental implants to me. I am much more confident about performing implant surgeries now.

    Dr. Juhi Sharma

  • Dr. Rupali Upadhyay Khulbe

    Fabulously incredible !! Students are given full hand on experience independently with all latest equipments here, which was is very important in dentistry. Commendable Dr Deepak Bhutani , Dr Pratima Bhutani and Dr Lt col B R Chetal.

    Dr. Rupali Upadhyay Khulbe

  • Dr. Meenakshi Bharti

    Best experience, For the endo course, i approched this clinic. Supervised practice in the dental clinic is one of the teaching tools. I am gratified with there knowledge and skills, special thanks to Dr. pratima who encourages & guide me as a mentor ensuring a pleasant ambience & knowedge keeping up to commendable standards of hygiene and putting nervous patients at ease, genuine and always make sincere efforts to provide the knowledge abt de treatmnt, i shall return for any further future query related to my profession.

    Dr. Meenakshi Bharti

  • Dr. Pallavi Ruhela

    Dr. Pratima Bhutani is the best Dentist and teacher i have ever met.I have worked under her guidance and i learnt more than i expected, i like the way she explains the things. Overall environment of the clinic is very friendly and cooperative. I would recommend this clinic for Dental Courses and Dental treatment.

    Dr. Pallavi Ruhela

  • Dr. Abha Chhabra

    I did a crash course for two weeks at Dental Impressions.The course was tailored according to my needs and I got an opportunity to work with three different clinicians.Dr.Chetal brushed up all my concepts and patiently answered all the questions.Dr.Pratima gives you time to perform and she is there when you need her.Dr.Deepak guides you continuously and shares with you his personal choices regarding crown and bridge work.I highly recommend this course for fresh dental graduates and dentists who are starting back after few years of gap.

    Dr. Abha Chhabra

  • Dr. Shruti Beri

    First of all I am really thankful, as with this course I had this opportunity to meet a great authority in dentistry Lt. Col Dr. B. R. Chetal, Sir . He is not just a great academician with all his clinical knowledge & practical tips on prosthodontics , that he happily shared with us. But he is also a wonderful human being given his wit, great sense of humor and down to earth nature. Learning from him was a memorable experience..!! Thank you Sir. Also Practical tips, from Dr Deepak Bhutani, on prosthetics and patient handling in general were enriching. Endodontic learning from Dr Pratima Bhutani was easy, crisp, and completely chairside. You just learn as you work..!! The Independent patient handling definitely adds to your confidence. Also, Dr Pratima’s patience and soft natured personality are some special traits every clinician ought’s to have in their Armour. Dr Bhutani’s Clinic is equipped with all the basic & latest armamentarium and everything is fully available for the learning process. The co-operative and helpful staff that included the associate doctors and chairside assistants helped making this course a smooth learning process. All in all.. A great combo of endo-prostho, in practo, chairside learning.

    Dr. Shruti Beri

  • Dr. Anchal Bhat

    I joined Dr.Bhutani’s dental courses one month back and I must say that it has been very helpful in understanding the ground realities and demands of a private practice. Being freshly passed out, I had only little idea about how things work in the ‘real world’, but many thanks to the expert guidance of Mr and Mrs Bhutani who have helped me learn how to deliver treatment in an effective and efficient way to the patients at a superspeciality level. I had the wonderful opportunity to work and learn along with Dr. Deepak Bhutani, an eminent Prosthodontist, who is extremely passionate, organised, up to date with the latest techniques and really applying them in his daily practice to provide quality care to his patients. I’m in complete awe of the perseverance and patience with which Dr. Pratima Bhutani works everyday in her clinic, she is brilliant and very efficient in what she does and a great mentor. I’m much obliged to have a chance of sharing the same working space as Dr. Bhutani and recommend every fresh pass out to join their courses. Thanks a lot, Sir. Best wishes. Anchal

    Dr. Anchal Bhat

  • Dr. Madhurima Debnshi

    yes.. a great experience… every freshers i must say u all should try this courses… there is a lots of patient .. lots of work to do… so why, i m much more confident now… really thanks to dr. pratima bhutani … thank u mam for this kind of support …

    Dr. Madhurima Debnshi

  • Dr. Mowmita Barik

    It’s my luck that i got chance to learn from Dr Chetal Sir, Dr Deepak Sir, Dr Pratima Mam where one can not only explore himself or herself in d course but also learn all about d latest techniques n various skills to make his /her practice better with such a good exposure of patients n being a fresher I can bet you will never get such a friendly environment where you can clear all your silly to silliest doubts ……..I enjoyed learning here that have helped me with a great boost in my confidence n dental practice……thanku Sir n Mam really I feel lucky to get learned from such a Mentor. Thnku Dr Chetal Sir for being such a teacher I never saw teacher like you in this level. Thnku Dr Deepak Sir for your guidance and those clinical tips. Thnku Dr Pratima Mam for all your patience and building my confidence in endo really I meant it.

    Dr. Mowmita Barik

  • Dr. Sumeet Mahajan

    I am a periodontist and for the last few years I have been out of touch from fields like endodontics and prosthodontics which are very very important for successfully running a dental clinic. With that in mind, and after evaluating lots of options in Delhi NCR I joined Dr. Bhutani’s dental courses for a month’s duration. As I come to the conclusion of my course I can surely say that I am much more confident in handling root canal treatment cases and patients with prosthetic needs. What I really liked about the course is the total practical approach from day 1 which keeps boosting your confidence day by day. A sincere thanks to Dr. B.R. Chetal for being such a wonderful teacher and an even better human being. I would also like to thank Dr. Deepak Bhutani and Dr. Pratima Bhutani for being there for us throughout the length of the course. I would also like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the clinic staff , Dr. Rupali Upadhyay and Dr. Shilpa for helping me out wherever needed and also making it very comfortable for me to settle down in the new set up.

    Dr. Sumeet Mahajan

  • Dr. Swathi Vishwanath

    Myself, a periodontist joined this course of one month duration for endodontics and prosthodontics as I had lost touch with these branches after MDS . It definitely was a good learning experience . Dr Deepak and Dr Pratima also helped me with looking for accomodation in delhi and made sure I was comfortable around.My interaction with Dr. Chetal (a very senior prosthodontist) was always about learning something new and clearing my concepts in prosthodontics.It was an absolute pleasure. The course is mostly clinical which is a definite plus point since most courses that I enquired about had very few patients to offer. As for endo, Pratima maam is very calm and patient and lets us do cases independently and clears any of your doubts about the same. Deepak sir taught me a lot of clinical aspects of prosthodontics and stood by us while we treated patients. Overall, clinic staff and atmosphere makes you feel really comfortable and your overall experience worth it . I would definitely recommend it to freshers or postgraduates who are not too confident to deal with endo and prostho cases .

    Dr. Swathi Vishwanath

  • Dr. Shruti Dhuria

    I am a periodontist and was not in touch with Endo prostho since the time I had graduated.. Therefore I joined Endo prostho course here..And I was very happy on the first day of course as I was given patients on the very first day as promised..This course has definitely boosted my confidence and helped me to improve my clinical skills .. Dr. Chetal is a gem of person..He has astute clinical acumen, vast knowledge and great zeal for the subject.His teachings both related to subject and otherwise will be a perennial source of inspiration throughout my life.. Dr. Deepak is a dynamic person and is well updated with the subject.He has a practical approach which was my need of the hour..His constructive criticism drives you to perform better.. Dr. Pratima is very humble and stands by your side throughout which lends you a great clinical support..She has an analytical gaze which has definitely improved my vision..She never hesitates to clear the doubts and teaches very patiently.. Dr.Rupali, Dr. Shilpa are also very friendly and helpful..The overall atmosphere is cordial which is very important.. I thank one and all..You all together make a great team..

    Dr. Shruti Dhuria

  • Dr. Nirjalla Malla

    I am a Prosthodontist attached to Manipal College of Medical Science (MCOMS) in Nepal…. Great experience ……. great people , great mentors made this course very practical, logical and full of informations which totally eliminate the fear of dental implant. Handsons and live surgery added more value to the course and helped to gain better knowledge to the subject. This course had a good exposure on variety of cases on patients which made me completely prepared to start placing implant confidently ….. My sincere gratitude to Dr Deepak Bhutani for sharing his immense wealth of theoritical and practical knowledge to me. All your clinical tips were quite appreciating and best experience in my learning phase. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to LT COL Dr B.R Chetal and Dr Umesh Pai for sharing their knowledge in very clean ,concise and easy manner which made the subject easy to understand. I would also like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the staff Dr Aswini and well trained experienced assistants for helping me out whenever needed and also making everything very comfortable and easy to adjust in new set up…

    Dr. Nirjalla Malla

  • Dr. Arjun Banerjee

    Not having done many cases in RCT and FPD and It was closing one year since i graduated my B.D.S degree from Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai. Coming from Kolkata, Delhi was also a very new place to me, i decided to do a course at Dr Bhutani Dental Clinic. After doing the research, this was the place i had come to decide on, as it promised Practical knowledge in said courses and delivered the same. The first time there, i met Dr Deepak Bhutani (Prosthodontist), first thing he does is show me Practical work to do with Fixed Crowns. This impressed me as to how immersed the Faculty is in their subjects. I would be committing a crime by not talking about Dr Pratima (Endodontist), who was just the kind of mentor i needed, patient and vigilant always, exactly the kind of environment of learning your looking for when learning to do something Practical and Essential like Root Canal Treatment. Considered by most the “bread and butter” of Dentistry, i was truly able to appreciate the inner workings of what we call an R.C.T, Literally !! The most Impressive person i met was Dr B.R.Chetal (Prosthodontist), who somehow was able to grind in the theoretical basis of the Prosthodontics paradigm. In just a One Month course, He was able to share his expertise in Complete Dentures and Removable Prosthodontics and train us sufficiently in how to prepare Crowns for Fixed Prosthesis. He is a Kind, patient and highly experienced Doctor of Prosthodontics. There was even an opportunity to handle a Free Camp held by Dr Bhutani Dental Clinic. I’m very greatful to the Faculty for a great learning experience. Arigato 🙏!

    Dr. Arjun Banerjee

  • Dr. Hema Taragi

    This is an excellent learning experience. This course combines theory and practical sources so I fell more confident, so I can provide a wonderful way to improve my clinical skills. Thanks to dr Chetal sir, Dr. Pratima man, Dr. Deepak sir. Hema Taragi

    Dr. Hema Taragi

  • Dr. Adeeba Khan

    Dr. Bhutani’s clinical course in endo gave me the confidence to perform patients with ease & right approach, Dr. Pratima is the mentor who is very patient & always up to answer your questions. As a fresher, I joined here & now I have learned a lot. Great learning experience and lots of patients to the practice.

    Dr. Adeeba Khan

  • Dr. Surbhi Dwivedi

    ” I am a general practitioner, had basic knowledge, worked at different places, but after shifting to Delhi, thought of doing advanced prostho and endo course as I was not confident in rotary, veneers and full mouth rehab cases so searched for the courses delhi is hub of that you will get confused once you go into searching process ,many great names with brands are there which are costly too promising you that u will work directly on patient,but actually it is not like that but then I landed up taking dr bhutanis course,confused in starting whether I have taken right decision or not but after finishing my course I can surely say that this is one of the best in delhi where for sure you will work directly on patient with well-maintained sterilization, all modern equipment, latest materials under the guidance of so humble, respectable, experienced teachers Dr deepak bhutani sir, Dr. pratima mam,and one of the best teacher ,doctor so far Dr. Chetal sir who gives you free hands to handle patient’s,encourages you,discussion of difficult cases, fine detailings taught by them are going to remain forever with you ,so its a PG level teaching and learning experience with friendly associate staff where you will leave your fears and will found yourself confident.” “I am grateful, thankful to Dr. Deepak Bhutani sir, Pratima mam and Dr. Chetal sir who had given me this wonderful experience of life and confidence. Cherry over the top is that u can discuss any of your cases for lifetime.” “Great place to work ” Thanks and regards Dr.surbhi choubey

    Dr. Surbhi Dwivedi

  • Dr. Chumchum Tikhak

    After visiting almost all the dental courses centres in Delhi, this is where I chose to be, Dr.Bhutani dental courses. And it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. Exposure and experience is what teaches you to be better and this clinic has definitely done that for me. I will always remember the first day in the clinic how easily I had gone and told Dr.Deepak that I was done with the rpd try in case, and then when he showed me what all I had missed out on in my treatment that day pushed me how much more I had to learn. And since that day under the guidance of ‘Dr. Chetal sir’, one of the most humble, kind and such a father figure, he teaches everything step by step with such beautiful explanations it’s totally at the masters level learning. I can’t thank him enough for how kind and thoughtful he has been. ‘Dr. Deepak’ sir is all about precision and perfection, he will help you improve the quality of your work to such a great extent and such fine work that you would totally feel proud and good. And the great tips he lets you know. Because of these two amazing dentists I have learnt so much in prosthodontics. ‘Dr. Pratima mam’ will help you learn how gracefully an endodontist can be with all the multiple sittings and minute works. The calm manner she works in makes even a difficult case easier. I never liked the idea of root canal treatment, with all the small files and stuff, but after working under mam i learnt the beauty of it. She has made it easy and so clean that I want to perform rcts everyday now. 😁 Thank you so much mam for being so calm and patient. ‘Dr. Rupali’ who has always looked out for us, she always had an answer to where we are wrong and what we were doing wrong. It wouldn’t have been possible without you to have come this far mam. Thank you so much. And the wonderful people I have worked with for these 3 months Dr.Deepika, Pooja mam, Deepak, Ravi, Akash, these staff are the best who made my learning and working experience so much fun and memorable. Thank you so much guys. P.s. The number of patients alloted is so high. A great place to be a better dentist with high ethics. Regards Chumchum. 😊

    Dr. Chumchum Tikhak

  • Dr. Sejal Shaha

    Best experience for the endo course. had a very good experience with all the patients and all the advanced technique which can be implemented in endodontics thank you, Dr. Pratima Bhutani, for your whole heartily support and sharing your knowledge with us. Dr. Sejal Shah B.D.S (Pune) Passed out from Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College and Hospital, Pune

    Dr. Sejal Shaha